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Often payroll can be a timely and costly part of your day to day business.  Not everyone has a traditional bank account, so getting a payment to someone is not always easy. The cost of writing cheques or sending a wire transfer can be daunting. powercard21 offers a simple, effective prepaid card solution that can reduce your overall payroll costs, and free up valuable employee time. Plus, your employees will enjoy the benefits of easy and secure access to their funds through the use of the card. If you are looking for a secure, easy way to pay your staff via a prepaid card, powercard21 offers a suite of tools to manage your payroll needs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy issuing of personalised prepaid debit cards to employees and contractors.
  • A debit card that can be used anywhere the VISA and, Mastercard symbols are displayed.
  • Loading of funds in real time with no delay in payment for your valued employee or commissioned contractor.
  • Enables un-banked employees the financial power of a debit card and the freedom to send funds to their families.
  • The ability to schedule a single payment or thousands at a time using our suite of online tools.
  • powercard21’s Chip and PIN debit cards offers the same security you get with your banks debit card.
  • Use powercard21’s Mobile App to check card balance, history, available on both iOS and Android.
  • An online card holder portal for your employees to view their balance, card history, PIN notification, and much more.

Powercard is a registered EMI agent and programme manager with regulated financial institutions and offers prepaid cards via these relationships.

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Key Features & Benefits

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