Integrated e-Wallet technology

powercard21 has developed e-Wallet technology to satisfy a growing need within the industry to have multiple payment channels within a single interface. 

powercard21 offers software and technology solutions. It does not provide e-money or stored value. 

Fast, secure and simple

Fast, secure and simple - powercard21 provides the software, and technology to quickly set up a branded e-Wallet solution. 

Fast, secure and simple

Key Features & Benefits

  • The technology we offer makes it easy to issue and load e-Wallets through our suite of online tools.
  • Working with our regulated EMI issuing partners an e-Wallet that can be used as a payment mechanism to receive or send funds to other e-Wallet holders.
  • The technology allows e-Wallet loading and transferring of funds in real-time.
  • Any currency can be applied, as well as non-traditional currencies. 
  • Use powercard21’s Mobile App to check Wallet balances, and history, etc.  Available both in Android and iOS.
  • An online cardholder portal to view your e-Wallet balance, history, notifications, and much more.
  • Bank integration allows the e-Wallet holder to send funds to their bank account.
  • API access to merchant to provide an e-Wallet balance to customer.

Powercard is a technology and software provider it does not offer e-money or stored value. Powercard works with licensed and regulated companies that can provide the EMI elements of possible solutions.

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Key Features & Benefits

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