Making Corporate Payments

powercard21 partners with regulated institutions and prepaid card issuers. We offer comprehensive programme management solutions for corporate payments that are of great benefit for businesses.

With extensive experience in payment processing technology, powercard21 has developed modern solutions to fit the needs of large and small business alike. We understand the complexity of your businesses and have the tools to accommodate your needs.

Expenses, incentive and reward, petty cash, all kind of different pay-outs, procurement and payroll can all be managed within an auditable infrastructure that can be reconciled quickly and easily through our online portals, native apps, or via our advanced API's. 

Let us help you simplify and improve efficiency in processing your payments:

  • Growth in foreign markets
  • Alternative to high-cost banking solutions
  • Tailored systems designed specifically for the corporate customer
  • Regional and worldwide compliance
  • Effectively manage the risk of both internal and external fraud.

How to Apply

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