Solving people's payment problems

powercard21 offers a comprehensive programme management solution to help organise your corporate Visa, MasterCard and prepaid card payments. We work with companies and prepaid card issuers that have a European presence or client base and are looking to standardise the way their payments are made across the board, whether that be payroll, commission based payments, pay outs or a way of managing travel expenses. Our high-end technology brings flexibility, efficiency and helps standardise the way you do business and our passionate, experienced and motivated team are here to hold your hand every step of the way from set up to running your first report. Our strong relationships with the banks and our broad European coverage allows you to manage your prepaid card programmes quickly and efficiently.


powercard21 offers through their Agent or programme management relationships with regulated financial companies and prepaid card issuers, a comprehensive prepaid issuing solutions for corporate payments that are of great benefit for businesses.


powercard21 offers a simple, effective solution that will reduce your overall payroll costs, and free up valuable employee time.

Gift cards

powercard21 offers a gift card program that will promote growth, additional revenue for your business, and create loyalty within your organization and customer base.


Fast, secure and simple - powercard21's technology enables merchants to quickly set up a branded E-wallet solution.

Who we work with

powercard21 enables high volume businesses achieve online payment goals by providing Prepaid card, native apps and software solutions. We work with Banks and Financial institutions around the world to provide specific, reliable and bespoke payment packages for online merchants and business.

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